In-Network Options

When receiving services from a lab, specialty pharmacy, or durable medical equipment (DME) provider, it's important to make sure that the provider is in your network.

  • A laboratory must be in-network in the state your referring provider is located.
  • A specialty pharmacy must be in-network in the state your ordering physician is located.
  • A DME provider must be in-network in the state from which supplies are shipped or the state in which the retail store is located.

Some in-network labs, specialty pharmacies or DME providers may be located in another state or many miles away from the referring provider, ordering physician or location where DME supplies are shipped.

For a listing of these providers, search through the online directory by typing in the provider type. For even more help, call the Customer Service number listed on your member ID card.

Prior to receiving services, please confirm with the provider that they are in-network in the state where you are receiving services.



Last Updated: Aug. 02, 2023