Renew with Blue

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX), we believe in putting our members first. That’s why we want to help you keep the coverage you know and trust.

Many of our BCBSTX plans give you access to health and wellness programs, member discounts, care options, the 24/7 nurse line and more. As a member, you know you can expect a high level of service and coverage from BCBSTX.

Don’t risk losing your health insurance. Make sure that you are covered for 2023.


Individual & Family

If you don’t get health insurance through your job or qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, you can enroll in Individual and Family Illinois health insurance during Open Enrollment or during Special Enrollment if you have a qualifying life event. Depending on your life event, you may be able to renew your coverage or pick a new plan.

Learn about Special Enrollment




As a current BCBSTX member, you have many options to choose from with our Medicare plans. By choosing one of our plans, you can stay with the company you trust. Let us help you find a plan that best meets your needs.

Learn more about how Medicare is different




BCBSTX's Medicaid plans can help meet your needs. If you qualify, Medicaid is no-cost health insurance. Your eligibility is based on your household size and income. It is determined by the state. If you are already a Texas Medicaid member, don’t risk losing your health insurance. 

Learn about our Medicaid plans



Last Updated: Jan. 17, 2023